squid command doesn't do anything

Shaddy Baddah lithium-cygwin@shaddybaddah.name
Thu Feb 7 07:10:00 GMT 2013


On 31 Jan 2013 14:21, Leo wrote:
>   I installed the binary release of squid 2.7, but calling squid doesn't do anything.
> Even squid -h or squid -v just returns without any message.
> Any suggestion?

I have found that the squid version in Cygwin does not support Windows 7
and above. I actually encountered exactly the same issue a few years ago
when I migrated to Windows 7, and thinking it may be complex, left
investigating it for later. It is coincidental that I've discovered why
just ahead of you reporting this (I've had email problems that have
prevented me responding until now).

The relevant code verifying this can be found around line 272 from:


 From what I gather, a latter version does support Windows 7. But
development of squid 2 has since ceased in favour of squid 3. Including
security fixes.

I haven't attempted a compile of squid 3 yet. Perhaps this may be the
direction to go if squid is to stay in Cygwin?


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