stat() and tilde prefix (was bad bash tab completion)

Shaddy Baddah
Thu Feb 7 07:00:00 GMT 2013


On 15 Jan 2013 23:33, Shaddy Baddah wrote:
>>> From what I make of it, there needs to be a patch that, although can
>>> work generically, adds checks only required for Cygwin. And therefore
>>> is specific to the Cygwin package.
>>> The check would be an extension of the file_exists() function, perhaps
>>> called tilde_file_exists(), which determines if the tilde prefix forms
>>> a directory component of the path (strchr('/')?). If it does not, the
>>> file_exists() check is sufficient. If it does, then the check of if
>>> that directory exists is logically and'ed to the result of
>>> file_exists().
>>> Does that sound about right?
>> A check like this might be a good idea. Ultimately I would be glad to
>> be able to come up with more correct code in Cygwin while not getting
>> slower, of course. But that's wishful thinking for now.
> Bash, patched in the way I have described, seems to fix the tab
> completion issue.
> I will tidy up the work and publish the patch at some point soon. I may
> have taken a naive approach, so review comments are welcome.

Please find the patch discussed attached. It probably needs to be a bit
more generic, maybe with some precompiler directives to limit it to
cygwin? Although if it is just for cygwin, perhaps it can just go in the
cygports patch?

Do I need to put an "attn bash maintainer" on the subject line?
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