sqlite3- packages to test

David Stacey drstacey@tiscali.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 22:44:00 GMT 2013

On 20/01/13 13:00, David Stacey wrote:
> On 20/01/13 10:45, Achim Gratz wrote:
>> David Stacey writes:
>>> >I've done some more testing, but with little success. I ran the
>>> >Subversion built-in tests on sqlite3-3.7.15-1 without Warren's patch,
>>> >and again on sqlite3-3.7.13-1 with the new patch applied. In both
>>> >cases, the Subversion tests plodded along nicely and then froze after
>>> >about 10 hours.
>> Is it still freezing in FS_TYPE=bdb?  If so, shouldn't you be worried
>> about BerkeleyDB rather than SQlite?  I remember subversion being picky
>> about the exact version of BerkeleyDB being used and me having to
>> install a different one than I already had (but that's been a 1.6
>> version IIRC so things might have progressed).  And yes, these tests
>> take far too long.
> Thank you for your reply, Achim. Yes, the freeze happens when 
> FS_TYPE=bdb. So if we're not concerned with this configuration (for 
> the purposes of this thread at least), then I can change Subversion's 
> cygport file so that we only test FS_TYPE=fsfs. This will have the 
> happy side-effect of halving the amount of time taken to run the tests 
> :-)

Apologies for the delay in reporting back, but I've done many hours of 
testing on this. I've run four sets of tests, with sqlite3 3.7.13 and 
3.7.15, both with and without Warren's patch. The bottom line is that 
Subversion appears to function identically in all four cases, and there 
was no significant difference in runtime performance (i.e. the time 
taken to run the tests).

I can supply more details if you need them, but essentially Subversion 
appears to function happily with sqlite3 3.7.13 or 3.7.15, both with or 
without the patch.



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