Problem after updating a remote installation: Nothing happens

Ken Brown
Tue Feb 5 22:08:00 GMT 2013

On 2/5/2013 3:10 PM, Alan wrote:
> I have installed cygwin on a remote machine without network access by the
> following procedure.
> 1. I downloaded cygwin using the "Download without install" option, to a
> machine with network access.
> 2. I copied the contents of the Local Package
> Directory to the remote machine.
> 3. At that machine, installed cygwin with the
> "Install from local directory" option.
> Everything seemed to work out fine. My problem is now I find I need a package I
> didn't install the first time, in this case emacs. I went back to the first
> machine and
> 1. Re-ran the installer, selecting the "Download without install" option, and
> the emacs package.
> 2. Copied the change files in the Local Package Directory to
> the remote machine.
> 3. Re-ran the installer, the "Install from local directory"
> option, and selecting the install "all" options.
> It seemed to install OK (I got an error from about pango, which I think I fixed
> manually.)
> But when I type 'emacs' at the command line, nothing happens. No error, no
> warning, nothing. I am just returned to the command line again.

Make sure you've installed all the dependencies of emacs, including 
libgnutls26.  (See


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