Problem after updating a remote installation: Nothing happens

Tue Feb 5 20:10:00 GMT 2013

I have installed cygwin on a remote machine without network access by the
following procedure.

1. I downloaded cygwin using the "Download without install" option, to a
machine with network access. 
2. I copied the contents of the Local Package
Directory to the remote machine. 
3. At that machine, installed cygwin with the
"Install from local directory" option.

Everything seemed to work out fine. My problem is now I find I need a package I
didn't install the first time, in this case emacs. I went back to the first
machine and

1. Re-ran the installer, selecting the "Download without install" option, and
the emacs package. 
2. Copied the change files in the Local Package Directory to
the remote machine. 
3. Re-ran the installer, the "Install from local directory"
option, and selecting the install "all" options.

It seemed to install OK (I got an error from about pango, which I think I fixed

But when I type 'emacs' at the command line, nothing happens. No error, no
warning, nothing. I am just returned to the command line again.

How do I fix this?

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