vt.edu corrupt local copy - perl_manpages v 15.14 2-3

Charles millarc@verizon.net
Mon Oct 1 23:19:00 GMT 2012

I have checked the FAQ and other cygwin mailing list instructions as to 
the correct or proper list to report this, so please redirect if I am 
posting to the wrong list.

While running cygwin setup.exe to update from the vt.edu mirror the 
update fails and the following message is received

     Package file perl_manpages has a corrupt local copy, please remove 
and retry.

I switch to another mirror and have loaded the perl-manpages v 15.14 2-3 
with no problem

Likewise, file perl_manpages v 15.10 1-5 at the vt.edu mirror downloads 
with no problem.

Charlie Millar

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