Passwordless authentication between two domains.

Andrew DeFaria
Thu Nov 29 20:14:00 GMT 2012

On 11/29/2012 3:28 AM, David T-G wrote:
> Andrew, et al --
> ...and then Andrew DeFaria said...
> %
> % On 11/28/2012 1:21 PM, anulav2 wrote:
> % >Andrew,
> % >Keys will "ALWAYS" be different irrespective if it is two servers on same
> % >or different domain.
> % >That is the whole point of copying keys to remote servers authorized_keys
> % >file.
> % I don't think so. I do know the following - here at my current client
> % there are two distinct domains that I deal with - Irvine and San Jose.
> % My Windows laptop is in the Irvine domain. My home directory is on a
> % filer and is shared between my Windows laptop and the various Linux
> % server machines in Irvine. I generate a key and put it in my
> % ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and I can ssh to localhost or any of the Linux
> % servers. Additionally I can ssh from Linux to my laptop, passwordlessly.
> That makes sense; all of the machines in Irvine (including your laptop)
> are using the same id_dsa & & authorized_keys (or perhaps
> authorized_keys2 but we'll ignore that for the moment) files.
> %
> ...
> % However if I generate a key in San Jose and put it in
> % ~/.ssh/authorize_keys in Irvine then I can ssh from San Jose -> Irvine
> % without a password. This tells me that generated ssh keys are unique per
> % domain. For bilateral ssh passwordless logins between the two domains
> % you should have at least 2 lines in your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file,
> % one for each domain:
> [snip]
> Incorrect.  ssh doesn't care a bit what domain (if at all) or even what
> OS you're using or where the key was generated.  This simply tells you
> that the shared home directory in San Jose is not the same as the one in
> Irvine.  If it were the same, then the very same id_dsa & &
> authorized_keys files would work the very same way; since it is different
> storage, however, you don't have the id_dsa key to match which would
> allow San Jose -> Irvine access.
> Try this in both Irvine & San Jose:
>    cd ~/.ssh
>    ls -ligo id_dsa* authorized_keys*
> I predict that you will find the inodes to be the same all over Irvine
> and the same all over San Jose *but* different between the two locations.
> You may find df or mount to be illustrative as well.
Oh I know I don't have the same home directory on both domains, in fact 
I stated that.

I think the part that was confusing me was that I didn't copy both the 
~/.ssh/ and the ~/.ssh/id_dsa as a pair.

Thanks for the clarification and simplification.

So the op's problem is still a mystery...
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