[bind] host can't find /usr/lib/engines/libgost.so - cygcheck.out (0/1)

Andrew Schulman schulman.andrew@epa.gov
Thu Nov 29 15:55:00 GMT 2012

The "host" command in bind-9.9.2-1 fails:

$ host www.example.com
29-Nov-2012 10:42:22.749 ENGINE_by_id failed
29-Nov-2012 10:42:22.749 error:25066067:DSO support
routines:DLFCN_LOAD:could not load the shared
library:dso_dlfcn.c:187:filename(/usr/lib/engines/libgost.so): No such file
or directory
29-Nov-2012 10:42:22.749 error:25070067:DSO support routines:DSO_load:could
not load the shared library:dso_lib.c:244:
29-Nov-2012 10:42:22.749 error:260B6084:engine routines:DYNAMIC_LOAD:dso
not found:eng_dyn.c:450:
29-Nov-2012 10:42:22.749 error:2606A074:engine routines:ENGINE_by_id:no
such engine:eng_list.c:417:id=gost
host: dst_lib_init: crypto failure

It seems that host expects to find /usr/lib/engines/libgost.so.  There's no
directory /usr/lib/engines in my installation, but there is

ln -s openssl-1.0.1/engines /usr/lib/engines 

makes the error message go away.  cygcheck -svr output is attached.

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