Creating CD of installation packages: Download incomplete. Try again?

Thu Nov 29 05:37:00 GMT 2012

Andrey Repin <anrdaemon <at>> writes:
>> For the downloaded packages from which I would create an installation CD, I
>> created c:/cygwin/LocalPkg/pkgImg.  I chose "Download without installing" in
>> setup.exe and "Reinstall" in the Select Packages phase.  However, the
>> download fails repeatedly regardless of the mirror specified.  Fortunately,
>> in the initial download attempt, most of the download was completed before
>> the failure.  In order to fetch only the missing packages, I identified the
>> missing packages...


>> Unfortunately, I can only select Keep or Uninstall.  There is no choice to
>> Reinstall regardless of whether the Keep or Cur radio buttons are selected.


> Simple solution would be to remove these packages from cache and download them
> anew, when you doing a new install.

Hmmm.  Never realized it was that simple.  I shall give it a try.  And of
course, keep close tabs on the person running setup on my behalf so that we get
the missing packages.

Thanks, Andrey!

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