cygwin dlls address issue (cygconv-2.dll), unable to rebaseall

Wed Nov 28 08:42:00 GMT 2012

2012/11/27 marco atzeri <>:
> it seems to build fine.
> Steps
> ./
> ./configure
>  make -f GNUmakefile |& tee -a make.log

not for me .. I always get the same error(s):

      0 [main] sh 143568 child_info_fork::abort: can't commit memory
for stack 0x289000(94208), Win32 error 487
/home/alvioli/local/gdal-1.9.2/libtool: fork: retry: Resource
temporarily unavailable

unrelevant of --without-libtool, the error message is the same; it
doesn't refer to libtool
but it always fails while building check-lib, which is a required
target for building the library.

do you also use win 7 pro 64 bit and cygwin 1.7.17?

do you think I should try and reinstall cygwin? if so, how can I keep
the current configuration?


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