Was: Re: cygwin dlls address issue (cygconv-2.dll), unable to rebaseall

Ryan Johnson ryan.johnson@cs.utoronto.ca
Tue Nov 27 13:22:00 GMT 2012

On 27/11/2012 4:43 AM, Massi wrote:
> 2012/11/27 marco atzeri <marco.atzeri@gmail.com>:
>> As you have a problem building gdal, you should start a new thread,
>> not reusing the previous one.
> well OK, I believe this is related to the fork problem, not the particular task
> one is performing.
fork() problems in cygwin are like cancer or cerebral palsy... a 
catch-all name for a class of symptoms that can arise from several 
different underlying causes.

Uri's problem was a bad rebase that put his dlls in no-man's land; your 
problem is due to something (thanks, Windows) landing where Cygwin's 
stack wants to be. Unfortunately, I've never seen that particular error, 
and it doesn't print out the addresses involved, so I can't help you as 
easily as I could Uri...

I'd suggest starting that new thread Marco asked for, and attaching to 
it the output of /proc/self/maps for the offending parent process. It 
might give some clues as a starting point.


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