cygwin dlls address issue (cygconv-2.dll), unable to rebaseall

Mon Nov 26 20:37:00 GMT 2012

I have the very same problem, not at startup, but when compiling a few
Killing all the windows aplications and processes would help with some packages,
but not all. Which makes cygwin completely useless.


2012/11/26 Ryan Johnson <>:
> On 26/11/2012 2:47 PM, Piren wrote:
>> Thanks for the response Ryan
>> I'm seeing the same issues no matter what runs on Windows, it does the
>> same even in Safe Mode. Also, this issue only started once i updated
>> to the new Cygwin version and my windows configuration/installed apps
>> did not change.
>> ATM Cygwin is completely non functional, is there nothing i can do to
>> try and resolve this?
> If you're really desperate, rename your cygwin directory to something else
> (e.g. cygwin.broken) and see if reinstalling from scratch fixes it. All the
> packages should still be cached (no new downloads) and that will rule out
> any misconfiguration. If the fresh version is broken I have no idea what to
> do after that; if it works, just migrate your $HOME over and problem solved.
> Ryan
>> On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 12:09 PM, Ryan Johnson
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hi Uri,
>>> On 26/11/2012 11:33 AM, Piren wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> I've been using Cygwin for a while and everything was working fine.
>>>> i've updated Cygwin to the latest version s 1.7.17-1. and even since
>>>> i'm unable to use it anymore.
>>>> I'm getting this message shown on every start of cygwin and it never
>>>> becomes operational:
>>>>     0 [main] bash 6156 child_info_fork::abort:
>>>> C:\cygwin\bin\cygiconv-2.dll: Loaded to different address:
>>>> parent(0x490000) != child(0x630000)
>>>> bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable
>>> We usually associate fork() failures with a messed-up child process, but
>>> that error message usually indicates that the parent is the one with
>>> problems [1]. If you're starting from a command shell or other persistent
>>> process, you might try restarting it in hopes that Windows gives the next
>>> one a better address space layout. Otherwise, I don't know what to tell
>>> you
>>> (WFM w/ same version of Windows), other than to make sure things like
>>> SlickSVN aren't bundling some other version of cygwin that's messing
>>> everything up (unlikely, since cygcheck didn't complain).
>>> [1] What likely happened is that Windows put "something" at 0x630000 and
>>> forced cygiconv-2 to rebase; if that "something" moves out of the way in
>>> the
>>> forked child, cygiconv-2 will then attempt to go where it "should" go,
>>> giving a mismatch. For dynamically loaded dlls, cygwin can work around
>>> this
>>> by unloading the library, and then filling the offending address space
>>> with
>>> padding that forces it to go where desired, but cygiconv is usually
>>> statically linked and therefore untouchable (attempts to unload it are
>>> silently ignored by Windows).
>>>> i've tried rebaseasll, with a variety of open memory allocations but
>>>> nothing works.
>>> I've had poor luck with anything but the default base address, because
>>> the
>>> address space is crowded both above and below it. Fine line rebase has to
>>> walk...
>>> Ryan
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