aspell does not install any dictionaries by default (RE: git gui 1.7.9-1: "spell checking is unavailable" error message)

Matt Seitz
Thu Nov 8 19:48:00 GMT 2012

From: Andrey Repin

> > So it seems like the options are:
>> 1.  Change git-gui and other "aspell" based applications to suppress 
>> their
>> error message when the "default" dictionary is specified and no 
>> dictionary
>> is present.

> Specified where?

Sorry, I wasn't clear.  The "git-gui" program is just telling "aspell" to 
use the default "aspell" dictionary.  It's then up to "aspell" to decide 
what the default dictionary is.

The relevant "git-gui" code appears to be here:

> If it's a configuration in aspell, and Git-GUI merely asking for default
> behavior, then again, Git-GUI should check, if the module can work at all,
> before trying to use it and throw errors at the user.

OK, I can suggest that to the Git maintainers.

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