aspell does not install any dictionaries by default (RE: git gui 1.7.9-1: "spell checking is unavailable" error message)

Matt Seitz
Thu Nov 8 17:15:00 GMT 2012

> From: Andrey Repin
>> From:  Matt Seitz
>> Does it make sense for Cygwin to follow Fedora's lead, and install
>> "aspell-en" by default when "aspell" is installed?
> No, it makes sense to report this issue to Git maintaners.

OK, I can do that.

However, based on the Fedora bug reports, it sounds like this could be an 
issue for other "aspell" client applications.   It appears that the normal 
behavior for "aspell" clients is to report an error if the "default" 
dictionary is specified and no dictionary is present.

So it seems like the options are:

1.  Change git-gui and other "aspell" based applications to suppress their 
error message when the "default" dictionary is specified and no dictionary 
is present.

2.  Change "setup.exe" to install the "default" dictionary (i.e., the 
dictionary for the current locale) automatically when "aspell" is installed.

3.  Change "setup.exe" to remind the user to install the "default" 
dictionary when "aspell" is installed.

4.  Keep the current behavior, and let the end-user figure out what went 
wrong and how to fix it.

Option 2 seems to be the solution that Fedora went with.

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