git gui 1.7.9-1: "spell checking is unavailable" error message

Andrey Repin
Thu Nov 8 01:31:00 GMT 2012

Greetings, Matt Seitz (matseitz)!

>> On Behalf Of Yaakov (Cygwin/X)
>> en_US is the default, but if you chose another dictionary in the Options
>> dialog, you would need that aspell-* package instead.  There is even a
>> "none" option there.  So it's hard to say that git-gui really needs
>> aspell-en when it's up to the user as to which dictionary he chooses.

> OK, that makes sense.  

> Any idea what caused the "git-gui" error message to start appearing after I
> ran "setup.exe" on Nov. 5?  I've been running "git-gui" 1.7.9-1 since
> February, and I haven't changed my "git-gui" options recently.  "Git-gui"
> was working fine with no error messages on Nov. 2. 

That could be an update in default package settings.
Or a broken interoperability configuration on your side.
Or... well, many possible reasons. The main question is how would you resolve
it. You can disable spell checking, or install relevant dictionary, as
suggested earlier.

Regarding package dependencies, I think it's worth creating a fake package
with short explanation of the implications of installing a software that
include optional dependency on spell checker. 

Andrey Repin ( 08.11.2012, <05:27>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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