git fork failure on pull with a workaround (hopefully a clue for a fix)

Jeremy Bopp
Wed Nov 7 20:30:00 GMT 2012

On 11/07/2012 01:02 PM, Bill Hoffman wrote:
> Is there a
> way to debug this?

The first step is to follow the problem reporting guidelines:

Following them may reveal a conflicting cygwin.dll file or something
similar in your full path which is interfering with some git subcommand
loading properly.

Given that a PATH of just /usr/bin works for you, try appending
progressively more segments of your original path until the problem
reproduces.  Once you find a PATH that reliably fails, remove the last
added segment as a suspect and continue adding the remaining segments
from the original PATH until you are left with a good PATH and a list of
suspects.  Then go back to the PATH of /usr/bin and append each suspect
individually and test again to see if the suspects are the problem alone.

Since its also possible that you may be encountering some PATH length
limit here, it may also be worthwhile to report the output of the
following command:

  echo "$PATH" | wc -c

Good luck!


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