rxvt loses output connection with non cygwin console processes

James Johnston JamesJ@motionview3d.com
Tue May 15 17:30:00 GMT 2012

I apologize, I forgot to mention that I tried both with and without the new
"pipe_byte" CYGWIN option.  It made no difference.

To OP: you'll definitely want to look into using the new "pipe_byte" option
since you are working with non-Cygwin processes.  See the thread I started
late last month titled "Cygwin passes through null writes to other software
when redirecting standard input/output".  If you redirect standard input for
a non-Cygwin program, you'll be affected.

> As the OP notes, I also only have this problem when running the test
> program from a "GUI" terminal.  It seems that any program doing a null
> to standard output (and probably standard error?) will trigger the
> From Windows command prompt / standard Windows console window:
> Running Cygwin.bat to start Cygwin and then running ./Test.exe works fine.
> From mintty.exe:  Running ./Test.exe causes bash to hang.  Test.exe runs
> completion and terminates, but bash doesn't get the hint.  CPU usage is at
> 0%.  If I use Windows Task Manager to kill bash.exe, then mintty.exe
> correctly terminates.
> From rxvt.exe:  Running ./Test.exe causes bash to hang like with mintty.
> Test.exe runs to completion and terminates but bash is hung.  For some
> reason, a thread in rxvt spins in an infinite loop, sucking 100% of a
single CPU
> core.  The hung bash.exe doesn't use any CPU.  If I use Windows Task
> Manager to kill bash.exe, then rxvt.exe correctly exits its loop and
> terminates. 

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