cygwin port forwarding

Karl M
Sun Jun 24 02:26:00 GMT 2012

> Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 04:07:57 +0400
> From: anrdaemon
> To: ross; cygwin
> Subject: Re: cygwin port forwarding
> Greetings, Ross Boylan!
> > Can non-cygwin applications "see" the ports ssh in cygwin sets up for
> > forwarding? I did some tests on Windows 7 and found that, although the
> > forwarding was clearly in effect for commands I ran in the cygwin shell,
> > it did not seem to be accessible to the regular Windows version of
> > Thunderbird.
> > The local port I forwarded was not privileged. I used no Windows admin
> > privileges.
> netstat -aon
> Curious, what "tests" you did instead of getting the data straight from OS?
> And what exactly you've tried to do? If you're looking for proxy through SSH
> tunnel, you'd be better off with PuTTY -D 1080 and IE using SOCKS proxy.
Or you can use use the -D option for ssh (OpenSSH).



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