Small request for the new cygwin terminal

Nellis, Kenneth
Fri Jun 8 18:02:00 GMT 2012

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From: Andy Koppe
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2012 2:45 PM

Oops, documentation error. Now fixed. Thanks very much for testing that.

The intention is that the Shift combination sends the basic control
character plus 0x80. See also the preceding section (which I've now
added a link to from the Special Keys section):

> Also, when I press either Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab, instead of
> getting what the table indicates, I don't get anything at all.

You've probably got the shortcuts for switching among mintty windows
enabled on the Keys page of the options.

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Appreciate the doc fix and, indeed, your shortcut explanation
applied to me.

Regarding, the "@" key in the table referenced by your URL,
how does one enter Ctrl+Shift+@, when to get "@" you need to
already be holding down the Shift key. This maybe sounds like
a ridiculous question, but regardless, when I press the 2/@ 
key while holding down Ctrl+Shift, I get ^@, not U+0080, as
indicated by the table. 

Additionally, Ctrl+Shift+(6/^) gives me ^^, not U+009E;
Ctrl+(-/_) gives ^[ [ 1 ; 5 m, not ^_;
Ctrl+Shift+(-/_) gives ^_, not U+009F;
Ctrl+Shift+/ gives ^?, not U+009F.

--Ken Nellis

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