Performance problems with emacs-X11 in current cygwin

Achim Gratz
Fri Jun 8 15:33:00 GMT 2012

Ken Brown writes:
> As I said earlier, I don't understand very well how git branches work,
> but I *think* this means we have to look in the 2-32 branch, prior to
> the 2.31.0 tag, to find the problematic commit.  I've checked out the
> 2-32 branch, and I guess the next step is to find a problem-free
> revision of that branch, and then bisect between it and the 2.31.0
> tag. I'm in the process of reading the git documentation to figure out
> how to do that, but I wouldn't object if someone would save me some
> time by giving me the appropriate git commands.

I've had a quick look at how the GNOME folks use their release branches:
they are tagged in master and then only some version bumping and a few
quickfixes.  There are no odd numbered releases, so I assume they start
the disruptive changes right after a release, tag the unstable version
in master with an odd number and then work out the kinks until the new
release is done.

So, you can indeed start on the 2.32 branch and then bisect down to the
2.30 tag.  Don't bother with the run-up between 2.31 and 2.32, just
bisect it whole, the bisect sequence will be just one build longer if at

git checkout glib-2-32
git bisect start bad
git bisect good 2.30.3

If any of the intermediate versions doesn't build, say

git bisect skip

with the offending commit still checked out.

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