Small request for the new cygwin terminal

Andy Koppe
Fri Jun 8 03:57:00 GMT 2012

On 7 June 2012 21:14, Helmut Karlowski wrote:
> Andy Koppe, 07.06.2012 21:12:05:
>> CP850 doesn't support the C1 control characters, so you get the
>> fallback instead, which is the scheme for encoding the Meta modifier
>> when bit 7 isn't available. This means that Ctrl+Shift+letter
>> combinations can't be distinguished from Ctrl+Alt+letter, but since
>> Ctrl+Alt+letter combinations are suppposedly reserved for global
>> shortcuts in Windows, they might still come in handy occasionally.
>> There indeed is another scheme of encoding C1 control characters with
>> an ESC followed by the base character, e.g. ^[A instead of ^[^A, but
>> that would have made the Ctrl+Shift+letter keycode the same as
>> Alt+letter rather than Ctrl+Alt+letter, which is why I chose the Meta
>> scheme.
>> I hope that makes some sense.
> Yes. One question remains: Does the Character Set (ISO, CP, etc.) have an
> effect on the terminfo-terminal-description?

I don't think you can have different terminfo entries for different
character sets for the same terminal type, i.e. you'd need to create
charset-specifc types such as "xterm-cp850".

> I've added
> csin=\233,
> but I'm not sure if it's really necessary, and if it's wrong when I switch
> the Character Set. tgetstr() returns the value defined in xterm-terminfo,
> which may be wrong for another character set. When csin is missing in xterm,
> tgetstr() returns 0.

Looking at the standard, 'csin' isn't meant for a keycode, but for a
command sent to the terminal, namely for the "Init sequence for
multiple codesets". I'm afraid I don't know what that means though,
nor why the xterm terminfo for it is empty.

> I'm not sure if this can be solved inside mintty, is
> there a fallback if an entry in terminfo is missing?

There isn't a fallback in the terminfo system itself, so I guess
that's up to each terminfo-using program (or its configuration).


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