Small request for the new cygwin terminal

Lluís Batlle i Rossell
Thu Jun 7 08:41:00 GMT 2012


thank you first for such a helpful software, for those that use Windows but are
used to the Linux interface.

I'd like to request some heavy annoyance I encounter with the new cygwin
terminal, compared to rxvt. In 'vim', it looks like I'm used to press ESC
*before* releasing *shift* (if I was inserting some text innvolving shift).

On xterm, rxvt, windows terminal, if I pressed "shift-esc" in vim, it had the
same effect as esc. But in the cygwin terminal, in insert mode it inserts some
weird character.

Could it be made so shift-esc has the same effect as esc, in cygwin terminal? I
imagine that the difference is not done on purpose.

Thank you,

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