Problem with binary installation of cppunit 1.12.1-2 with setup.exe version 2.774

marco atzeri
Wed Jun 6 14:32:00 GMT 2012

On 6/6/2012 4:24 PM, Csaba Raduly wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 4:17 PM, marco atzeri  wrote:
>> On 6/6/2012 4:00 PM, Anthony Ricke wrote:
>>> Hello All,
>>> I updated my cygwin installation using setup.exe version 2.774, and I
>>> included the binary distribution of the cppunit package (cygwin
>>> package version 1.12.1-2). I wrote compiled and built a simple unit
>>> test program using G++ (cygwin package version 3.4.4-999). After
>>> building and running the unit testing program, program gives the
>>> following message (in summary):
>> try again with gcc4-g++ 4.5.3-3
>> gcc-3 is really obsolete
> More likely, the problem is caused by the fact that the CppUnit
> package in the Cygwin distribution is built by g++-4 (4.5.3) whereas
> Anthony's object files were created by g++-3.
> Csaba

of course, I was just discouraging the use of gcc-3 at all.
Moreover exception with g++-3 was not really working well
and g++-4 use a different exception handler


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