Problem with binary installation of cppunit 1.12.1-2 with setup.exe version 2.774

Anthony Ricke
Wed Jun 6 14:01:00 GMT 2012

Hello All,

I updated my cygwin installation using setup.exe version 2.774, and I
included the binary distribution of the cppunit package (cygwin
package version 1.12.1-2). I wrote compiled and built a simple unit
test program using G++ (cygwin package version 3.4.4-999). After
building and running the unit testing program, program gives the
following message (in summary):

                             terminate called after throwing an
instance of 'CppUnit::Exception'

This is not correct. The CppUnit framework should catch all CppUnit
exceptions and report them as unit test failures.

Next, I copied the source code package (using setup.exe). Then, I
un-compressed the tarball, and I built and installed the cppunit
package over the top of the binary distribution (using ./configure,
make, make check, make install). I re-built my simple unit testing
program, and I get the output:

$ ./a.exe

Test Results:
Run:  1   Failures: 1   Errors: 0

1) test: MyUnitTests::test1 (F) line: 29 testme.cpp
forced failure
- This is a failure.

This is the expected output of this unit test.

I have attached the simple unit test example and my cygcheck output
file for your reference.
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