Mintty Log Off problem (now 1.7.16s)

Harry G McGavran Jr
Sat Jun 2 03:39:00 GMT 2012

>I thought you had requested in which 1.7.10s snapshot it broke.
>So the earliest snapshot I could find for 1.7.10s does have the problem.
>It works in 1.7.9.
>As I mentioned earlier in cygwin-inst-20120415.tar.bz2, a 1.7.11s

That should be cygwin-inst-20120220.tar.bz2.

>snapshot it's fixed. That's the snapshot that was current when
>it was suggested I try the latest snapshot.
>So, you must be wanting me to check the 1.7.11s snapshots to see
>if it's fixed in an earlier 1.7.11s snapshot.
>I'll have to check that out next week when I should have more time.
>   Harry

Harry G. McGavran, Jr.


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