Mintty Log Off problem (now 1.7.16s)

Harry G McGavran Jr
Sat Jun 2 02:52:00 GMT 2012

>Corinna wrote:
>That's not very helpful, unfortunately.  You reported in Feb or Mar that
>one of the snapshots fixed the problem for you.  And you reported that
>it's now in May broken again.  So there's one snapshot in the list which
>was the first one which fixed it, and there's another snapshot in the
>list which is the first one which broke it again.  If we know which
>snapshots that are, we're a big step further to fix this problem again.

I thought you had requested in which 1.7.10s snapshot it broke.
So the earliest snapshot I could find for 1.7.10s does have the problem.
It works in 1.7.9.

As I mentioned earlier in cygwin-inst-20120415.tar.bz2, a 1.7.11s
snapshot it's fixed. That's the snapshot that was current when
it was suggested I try the latest snapshot.

So, you must be wanting me to check the 1.7.11s snapshots to see
if it's fixed in an earlier 1.7.11s snapshot.

I'll have to check that out next week when I should have more time.



Harry G. McGavran, Jr.


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