How to "bisect" Cygwin?

Ryan C. Underwood
Fri Jun 1 22:08:00 GMT 2012

On Fri, Jun 01, 2012 at 03:50:19PM -0600, Warren Young wrote:
> >
> >The basic issue is that sem_wait() is being kicked out with EINTR
> >extremely frequently (9 out of 10 times or more),
> Does the attached program vaguely resemble what your program is
> trying to do?  It does get EINTR, but only because I'm using
> alarm(2) to add a timeout to the sem_wait() call.

Yes.  In fact it is very close but with a significant difference.

My (inherited) program is using setitimer() as a master timer, and I
am not sure that the signals are being masked correctly per thread.
In fact, the code is a real mess, but what I have observed is that
with 1.7.9, the SIGALRM which was set by thread 1 does not interrupt
thread 2's sem_wait() system call, but with 1.7.10, the SIGALRM does
interrupt thread 2 (but without delivering the SIGALRM to thread 2,
apparently?  Need to test some more)

Basically, I was hoping to dig down and find some significant changes
in the way signals and threads interact from the 'working' Cygwin to
the 'non-working', which would convince me that I really need to get
to rewriting this stuff if the current Cygwin is considered to be
proper in that respect.  I also wanted to ensure that a bug had not
crept in to Cygwin that would hammer other people with legacy code.


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