Cygwin Bash ^R ... and then left-arrow sometimes inserts control char in cmd buffer ?

Bill Meier
Tue Jul 31 17:22:00 GMT 2012


[Start cygwin bash in a terminal]

$ asdfghjkl
bash: asdfghjkl: command not found

[enter ^rghj]
[enter left-arrow]
[result after redisplay of the line is:]

$ asdf[Dghjkl


Similar result for right-arror (shows ...[C... )

Doesn't always happen. Load/Timing dependent ?

Doesn't seem to happen with mintty (not exhaustively tested).

Does happen when starting via cygwin.bat. (windows 'cmd' terminal ?)

This has been happening for a while (months ?)
(I've just done a cygwin update after not having done so for a while to 
verify that the problem exists in an up-to-date cygwin).

If further info is needed, please let me know

Bill Meier

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