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Mon Jul 30 16:01:00 GMT 2012

Dear Researcher:

You are invited to become a member of our open society! 

We have made our best efforts in last two months to set up our search
engine, AcademicFamily.com(beta), with a database of over 18,000 academic
conferences.  The conferences are connected with each other by their
keywords. We hope that it will become a useful tool for you, making your
conference searches easier. 

Setting up a search engine is not our sole aim.  We have added some social
networking elements, and hope the site will become a platform for our
community to share presentations, opinions, and reviews.  We believe that
knowledge-sharing will make our research life better, and would like your
support to build a better research community.

The site is still in beta, so please e-mail us any suggestions or comments
you have.  We will consider implementing them in the next version.  And if
you know anyone else who would like to join, kindly forward the following


We look forward to having you join our open academic community. 

Best regards,


P.S. Useful functions:

(1) You can unsubscribe this letter by simply putting "unsubscribe" in the
returning e-mail SUBJECT TITLE.
(2) If you fail to find the conference you are searching for, you may
either send us an e-mail, or add it as a new one.
(3) Conference organizers can claim the ownership on the conference detail
page through the "Organizer Claim" button.

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