Setup shows ? instead of size for some packages

Sat Jul 28 21:34:00 GMT 2012

On 7/28/2012 6:56 AM, L Anderson wrote:
> Call me slow to notice but I'm seeing more packages appearing with size
> ? mark in the "View" window when I run cygwin setup. Also, I notice that
> most, if not all the packages, seem to be related to source or
> libraries. I've read the setup documentation, googled, and searched the
> mail list but can't seem to find as answer as to what's behind it.
> Would someone in the know please tell me what causes it, what it means,
> and is it a problem?

No, it isn't a problem. Those packages don't have any binary content, 
that's why setup.exe show ? as their size. We use them when more than 
one package is generated from the same upstream source, e.g. 
libsomething1, libsomething-devel and something-doc. In this case the 
package something, with "(source)" in its description, will contain the 
source, and the other packages will contain the binary stuff. What Aaron 
has described is another possible source of ? sizes, but then the 
packages would be in the Misc category, as setup.exe wouldn't have the 
category info either.


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