Setup shows ? instead of size for some packages

Aaron Schneider
Sat Jul 28 13:36:00 GMT 2012

On 28/07/2012 6:56, L Anderson wrote:
> Call me slow to notice but I'm seeing more packages appearing with size
> ? mark in the "View" window when I run cygwin setup.  Also, I notice
> that most, if not all the packages, seem to be related to source or
> libraries.  I've read the setup documentation, googled, and searched the
> mail list but can't seem to find as answer as to what's behind it.
> Would someone in the know please tell me what causes it, what it means,
> and is it a problem?
> Some of the entries I see are:
>          skip Gnome     ?  atk 1.0: Acc. Toolkit library (sources)
>          skip   Libs    ?  boost: Boost C++ libraries (source)
>          Skip   X11     ?  cairo: Cross-dev. vec. grap. lib.(source)
> 1.0-2   Keep   Misc    ?  clear
> 1.2.0-1 Keep   Misc    ?  d
>          Skip   Gnome   ?  dbus-glib: Freedsktp msg bus sys. (source)
>          Skip   Devel,L.?  eventlog: Structured event logging library
>          Skip   X11     ?  fltk_gdi: Fst Lgt Toolkit-GDI ver.(sources)
> Additional Information:
> - Installing updates from my own local release mirror updated today.
> - Running Win XP Pro
> - Running cygwin 1.7.16-1
> - Setup.exe version 2.774
> - Setup.ini shows setup-timestamp: 1343379014 and setup-version: 2.774.

I think that happens because the packages you downloaded once are not 
present in the mirror you are getting the list from. Cygwin gets the 
size of a installed package from the present list that you get from the 
mirror. Try reinstalling and see what happens.

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