automatically using pipe_byte for certain EXE's

Adam Dinwoodie
Fri Jul 27 10:07:00 GMT 2012

Daniel Colascione wrote:
>Since message pipes cause problems _in practice_ and byte pipes (which
>Cygwin lived with for many years) don't seem to cause problems _in
>practice_, pipe_byte should go away and pipe_byte behavior should be
>used unconditionally.

The folk who develop and release cygwin1.dll have made it clear that they're
not going to do this, however much you ask. And since they're the folk who do
the development, it's their choice to make.

That DLL is released under the GPLv3. That means if you don't like what's being
given to you for free, you're able to change it to do what you want it to do.
Or, if you don't have the ability to change it yourself, you can pay someone to
do it for you.

Don't complain when the free car someone just gave you has road tires when you
need ones for dirt tracks. Don't keep complaining when the folk who just gave
you that free car say they don't want to change your tires for you. Either fix
the tires yourself, or find a garage that'll take your money and fit some
off-road tires for you.

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