Confusing, but not fatal bug....rmdir removed network dir (rename to .____00000hexnum/)

Linda Walsh
Wed Jul 25 20:53:00 GMT 2012

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Anyway, I have a fix for that.  You didn't explicitely allow to send
> a test DLL, so I just applied the patch to CVS.  Please test the next
> developer snapshot.
	Sorry, I thought it would be implicit that I gave you everything
you asked for -- not that I really NEED the dll patch immediately,
(first time I've encountered this problem in a dozen years of cygwin


	This problem occurred to 1 out of 54 dirs in my Pictures dir
and 1 out of 267 dirs in my Docs dir.

	That was a failure rate of 0.62%, and the impact was a
directory being renamed (no files deleted or lost).

	If it happened most the time, I'd think it was
serious or if it deleted data, critical, but given those
rates...I wouldn't *only* suspect cygwin, samba has more
than it's share of problem being in a similar position as you
in trying to be win-compat in a dearth of information about
how to do so.

	My file server is running samba 3.5.9 on a 3.2.21 linux kernel
on an openSnoozy 12.1 distro, FWIW...other samba versions may
be different.

	So if you want, I'm willing to try a fix, or I can
wait...either way is fine..

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