problem with run.exe in Windows-startup (Autostart) directory

Andrey Repin
Sun Jul 22 14:20:00 GMT 2012

Greetings, Paul Maier!

> When I start a run.exe command manually, it hides fine both, the window and
> the task bar entry; 
> but I have 3 scripts containing run.exe commands in the Windows startup
> (autostart) folder, and there one (only one) script brings up an unwanted
> entry in the task bar (the window itself is fine invisible). It is always
> another one out of the 3 scripts, but each time at most one (i. e. zero or 1
> unwanted entries).
> Since I start a server here, that task bar entry stays there all day (and of
> course there is no visible window attachted to it), and if I select close, I
> also shut down the server by this. 

What exactly is in your scripts, and in the links in StartUp dir?

> This seems a racing condition to me:

This seems to be a wrong link/improperly designed script for me.
Or a use of a wrong tools for the task.

> If I disconnect the internet LAN cable (then the evaluation of possible
> connections is much faster) _or_ if I move my mouse up and down right after
> Windows login to make the task bar appear and disappear some times, then all
> autostart run.exe scripts hide their task bar entries fine.

> I have never seen more than 1 such unwanted task bar entry appearing. The
> first one seems to initialize the environment somehow, so that the other
> run.exe instances work as expected. 

> I also added a 4th script:
> run /bin/sleep 10,
> That improved the situation in a way, that unwanted task bar entries were
> less likely to happen, but they still came then and when. 

> It worked fine with the run.exe that I downloaded 1 year ago.

Andrey Repin ( 22.07.2012, <18:03>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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