AW: line.exe is missing

Paul Maier
Sun Jul 22 13:36:00 GMT 2012

> > after upgrading Cygwin the file /bin/line.exe is not there any more.
> > It used to be there.
> >
> > Could you please check what has happened to this file?
> On the main Cygwin web page, to the left side there is a link to "Search
> Packages".  If you click that link and in the resulting search dialog put
> "/line.exe$" (that's a regular expression) you'll find that line.exe is in the
> util-linux package.  Run setup.exe and install that package.  Or if it is
> already installed, reinstall it.  I don't know which package it used to be in
> your prior installation.

Hi Mark,

thank you.

I found out, that line.exe is in the package util-linux-2.17.2-1.

But I automatically got the newer version util-linux-2.21-1 from the mirror, where line.exe is _not_ included:

Ok, I will downgrade to util-linux-2.17.2-1 to get line.exe.
May I ask you to have a look at this to save line.exe for future releases?

Thank you & regards,

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