Confusing, but not fatal bug....rmdir removed network dir (rename to .____00000hexnum/)

Linda Walsh
Sun Jul 22 05:57:00 GMT 2012

I sometimes use "rmdir *" to clean up empty dir's.

This is not safe running under cygwin on Win7-64 when
interacting with network-shares hosted on a samba
server with unix extensions.

I do not know why and there was no permanent damage, but
two of my directories -- both real directories (not symlinks or such)
one, Documents/Desktop (it would have been pointed to by a windows symlink
in my home dir),

a subdir under my Pictures dir -- that AFAIK, has no symlinks pointing
at it, though the Pictures dir itself has multiple symlinks pointing
to it (~/Pictures ~/Documents/Pictures).

Only those two dirs were affected
(they were actually renamed to

Both had open files in them as well but no files were
missing (i.e. no signs of contents attempting to be
removed like a rm -fr might have tried)...

Just the dir couldn't be removed (non-empty dirs are like
that), so it apparently was renamed to some random name.

There doesn't appear to be any entries in my pending-moves
operations, so I don't know what might have tried to trigger
their removal...(?)...

Anyway, I was editing a file in one of the dirs and when I
went to save, it couldn't... that's when I couldn't find
the caught pretty fast, and ran 'find' and found
my Desktop had also gotten deleted (not that I'd noticed,
likely, until I rebooted, or tried to add/subtract an icon/file
on my desktop).

(Yeah... my desktop is in a remote dir on the net, so when
the net is down, I get a blank desktop where nothing can
be saved...)...though having it in my doc folders on the net
allows me have a common desktop content on multiple computers
and accounts that share that doc dir.

After I restored it, (rename from ugly to correct name),
I tried the same rmdir again -- did it again.

I don't know why those two particular dirs though it might
have something to do with windows directories returning 0
length for the dirs...
AND something to do with the fact that I had files OPEN
in both of the affected dirs....

Thought folks should be aware of the potential problem...

Attaching cygcheck.out in case that provides any clues....

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