AW: setup.exe fails on Windows 7 - please help

Mark Geisert
Sun Jul 22 03:19:00 GMT 2012

Paul Maier writes:
> > > setup.exe brings hundreds of identical popups with error message:
> > >
> > > bash.exe:
> > > The application could not be started (0xc000000d).  *)
> > Very weird, 0xC000000D is "Invalid parameter".  I would guess that you
> > have a BLODA problem:
> > 
> >
> thank you, this is solved now. It took me _hours_ of debugging.
> I found a copy of cygwin1.dll in an other directory.
> Feature request:
> Would it take long to add a check at the beginning of setup.exe, that looks
for orphaned copies of cygwin1.dll?
> And if so, ask the user if setup.exe should be aborted or continued on user's
> setup.exe runs approx. 3 hours plus 4 hours of debugging.
> -> Such a check can save 1 day.

Well, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

It was nice of Corinna to suggest about BLODA based on the meager input you
supplied.  But the usual way to provide input for Cygwin problem solution is
linked at the bottom of every posting to this mailing list:

> Problem reports:

If you had read that page, you would have known about running 'cygcheck -s -v
-r' which does a standardized accounting of your Cygwin installation.  Among
other things, it would tell you about any additional cygwin1.dlls and where they
are.  There is no need for setup.exe to duplicate that work.

Good to hear your installation is operational now.


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