problem with run.exe in Windows-startup (Autostart) directory

Paul Maier
Sun Jul 22 01:05:00 GMT 2012


yesterday I upgraded Cygwin, all packages to current version, and I find a problem in run.exe (it used to work before the upgrade):

When I start a run.exe command manually, it hides fine both, the window and the task bar entry;
but I have 3 scripts containing run.exe commands in the Windows startup (autostart) folder, and there one (only one) script brings
up an unwanted entry in the task bar (the window itself is fine invisible). It is always another one out of the 3 scripts, but each
time at most one (i. e. zero or 1 unwanted entries).
Since I start a server here, that task bar entry stays there all day (and of course there is no visible window attachted to it), and
if I select close, I also shut down the server by this.

This seems a racing condition to me:
If I disconnect the internet LAN cable (then the evaluation of possible connections is much faster) _or_ if I move my mouse up and
down right after Windows login to make the task bar appear and disappear some times, then all autostart run.exe scripts hide their
task bar entries fine.

I have never seen more than 1 such unwanted task bar entry appearing. The first one seems to initialize the environment somehow, so
that the other run.exe instances work as expected.

I also added a 4th script:
run /bin/sleep 10,
That improved the situation in a way, that unwanted task bar entries were less likely to happen, but they still came then and when.

It worked fine with the run.exe that I downloaded 1 year ago.

Thank you for help.


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