FAQ and Documentation translation to other languages

SPC spedraja@gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 21:13:00 GMT 2012

Hi. I'll try (again) to send this reply.

I understand your point about dedication to this project, of course.
And is a matter to discuss to have a correct idea of the whole
dedication needed before take a decision about it .

In the other hand, your proposal about create a side project appears
to be the logical way.



2012/7/20 Corinna Vinschen :
> On Jul 19 22:38, SPC wrote:

> The documentation is written by the developers.  There's no doc team nor
> a translation team, given that we have only a tiny number of contributors
> to the Cygwin package codebase.  If you're interested in providing a
> spanish translation of the docs or the FAQs, we can certainly arrange a
> side project for translations in CVS, and the necessary web space to
> publish them.
> If you're interested, we could discuss the howto in the cygwin-apps
> mailing list.
> Btw., the same goes for anybody who would like to provide translations
> in any other language, naturally.  I would just like to ask that you
> make sure you mean that seriously and don't drop off right at the next
> stop.

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