Install Crashes Windows

Daniel Cowdery
Tue Jul 17 07:09:00 GMT 2012

Thanks Larry,

I run windows update fairly frequently, so I can't imagine that would be the cause, unless you think I need to update my drivers manually?? 
Also please see my previous response (it didn't make it to the mailing list as I forgot to set as plain text.

Thanks Mark,

I tested the install again multiple times today and still not working. I completely uninstalled my AVG and deactivated my firewall and it still fails. I managed to see the process it was setting up when it crashes, I saw the file "CoreUtil" somewhere (not sure if it's of any relevance).

Also as a side note, I tested the install out on my gf's computer (running Win7) with the same settings and mirrors and the install worked fine without any issues.


Daniel Cowdery


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