Install Crashes Windows

Daniel Cowdery
Sun Jul 15 09:47:00 GMT 2012

Hi Guys,
I know this is probably a very beginner question, 
however I've scoured the internet and the Cygwin FAQ's and user guide 
and i can't seem to find anything that works. 
For starters, I'm running Windows Vista 32-bit.
I run the Setup.exe file and select all the extra modules I require (on 
top of the default install), the extra modules i install are; bison, 
make, automake, libiconv, libtool, python interpreter, gcc, g++, gdb.
The installation progresses all the way through downloading all the files, 
then when it seems to be checking all the files it freezes then I get 
the windows blue screen of death. When the computer starts up again 
there is only the Cygwin libs it downloaded and half the installation in
 my C-Drive. I've tried repeating this installation 4 times now (after 
deleting all the old Cygwin files each time). I've disabled my AVG 
anti-virus software, and tried a different download mirror each time but
 still no luck.
Has anyone run into this issue before or have any suggestions on what the issue may be

Daniel Cowdery


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