Open URLs with # using cygstart.exe

Andrey Repin
Sat Jul 14 02:05:00 GMT 2012

Greetings, Alexander Konovalov!

> Thanks for replies. I am running 64-bit Windows 7, Cygwin 1.7.11 (2012-02-24).
> The default browser is Chrome, but I've tried with Firefox and InternetExplorer -
> same result whenever I'm using single quotes or not with each of the three
> browsers. Remote URLs indeed work fine. With the local URL address line of the
> browser contains truncated URL without '#...' part so maybe cygstart parses
> its argument differently dependently whether it starts with file:// or http://?

Just check the command like the browser was started with to narrow down the
possible source root of issue.
Also, please don't top-post.

Andrey Repin ( 14.07.2012, <05:52>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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