best way to re-install and keep cygwin configuration

Fri Jul 13 02:14:00 GMT 2012

So I will just tar up the cygwin directory and put it back after the new 
install. If I download a new copy of setup.exe and point it at the 
install directory, will it figure out what packages are already 
installed? I suppose I could test this sort of thing, but I figure that 
someone already knows the answer. Is there any reason to not re-use my 
current version of setup.exe, minus that setup cache? I think it is 
pretty recent.

In the other thread, you asked me to not "top post". I'm not familiar 
with that term, so I'm not sure exactly what I need to avoid. I believe 
that I replied to the last post in the thread to make my post. I do try 
very hard to comply with proper posting procedures, so I would 
appreciate some clarification.


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