perl-5.14.2 switch

Steven Hartland
Wed Jul 11 23:10:00 GMT 2012

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From: "Achim Gratz" 

> Steven Hartland writes:
>> Cool looking forward to it the new update :)
> I don't think that Reini will switch from perl_vendor to unbundled
> module packages, at least not for this release.  I've posted a link to
> my cygport package definitions over in cygwin-apps if you want to
> compile those packages yourself.  If you don't create your own setup.ini
> files, it's probably not much use.  You can always use cpanminus to
> bootstrap LWP to a newer version locally.

Unfortunately the current perl_vendor install is so broken cpan
won't allow you to fix it with simple "install" unless you know
the exact missing modules and just breaks in some very strange
and random ways. Like missing protocol for ftp in LWP

However the perl_vendor was created it resulted in many missing
dependencies. I don't mind a block install via perl_vendor but
each module installed by that option should include all of its
dependencies otherwise its worse than having nothing at all.

We'd already updated Bundle::LWP via CPAN but its the dependencies
of the dependencies which are missing so they didn't get fixed.

Our fix in the end, so others know, was to use:-
force install LWP::Protocol::ftp

This seemed to force all dependencies in the hierarchy to be
rechecked and hence picked up and installed the missing modules.


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