running .bat file in cygwin

James Johnston
Wed Jul 11 19:41:00 GMT 2012

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> "Note, fork requires the cygwin1.dll file.  Are you prepared for that?"
> thanks for your response.  What got me notice is the above comment?
> Would you please elaborate on that?  The only reason I would be going
> through this becuase i am working on parallel processing on my thesis.
> Currently, in my code i have used thread with mingw environment.  But in
> one part of the code requires to use separate image for each function
> (thread function).
> Unfortuanately, it is not working; it is taking the same image and
> the calculation.
> I have the theorotical konwledge on fork() from the OS classes.  Do i need
> install any additional module to use fork() in my code?  Any documentation
> you may recomend prior to using cygwin with fork()?  Or you think it will
> better to install linux in my laptop instead of using cygwin?

I think it would be better to not use fork().  What do you have to do with
fork() that you can't do some other way?

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