perl-5.14.2 switch

Achim Gratz
Wed Jul 11 17:01:00 GMT 2012

Steven Hartland writes:
> Just been trying the 5.14.2 that's was available in setup.exe as of
> 6th June 2012 and the dependencies for LWP are quite broken.

I have recompiled all Perl modules in perl_vendor as separate packages
due to (among other things) problems with LWP.

> Although this may be expected behaviour, I wanted to highlight
> the fact that quite a few packages require perl yet have hardcoded
> dependencies on 5.10.x so setup ends up messing up the install
> when ever its used if you let it "correct" dependencies :(

This can be rectified by making perl-5.10 "prev" and move perl-5.14 from
"test" to current in setup.ini — since setup doesn't support version
directed dependencies unless the package name includes the version
somehow, I actually recreate setup.ini when pulling from a (local)
mirror for Cygwin plus my local package and patch archive.

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