running .bat file in cygwin

Adam Dinwoodie
Wed Jul 11 16:38:00 GMT 2012

emon wrote:
>              I am a newbie in cygwin.  However, I have used mingw so far,
>but it is not supporting fork(), so I need to switch to cygwin.  I have
>created a build.bat file in my mingw (programming language C):
>gcc -o mask mask.c -pg -I/c/opencv/build/include  -lopencv_core231
>-lopencv_highgui231 -lopencv_imgproc231 -L. -L/c/opencv/build/x86/mingw/lib
>Can anyone suggest me how I can run this .bat file at cygwin or refer me to
>a site.

Use a shell script rather than a batch file. A search for "shell script" with
your favourite search engine should show up beginner's guides if you're


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