perl-5.14.2 switch

Reini Urban
Tue Jul 10 18:01:00 GMT 2012

I'll be switching perl from 5.10 to 5.14 in the next days.
These are the packages which need to be switched also:

perl-net-libproxy               Yaakov S
perl-locale-gettext             Yaakov S
perl-dbd-mysql                  Yaakov S
perl-dbi                        Yaakov S
perl-tk                         Yaakov S

perl-win32-gui                  Reini Urban (ready as test)
perl-libwin32                   Reini Urban

subversion-perl                 David Rothenberger (ready as test)

perl-ming                           Volker Zell

perl-image-magick               Marco Atzeri (ready as test)
perl-graphics-magick            Marco Atzeri (ready as test)

I'll change the setup.hints from the one marked as ready as test by myself,
no action from your side needed. Just adjust your private hints also please.

I just need Yaakov and Volker to followup with rebuilt packages. Can
you please confirm?
You can do it earlier with the perl test package or later. If later,
you need to update perl
and rebuild your packages.
Reini Urban

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