[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mathomatic-16.0.0.-1

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Tue Jul 10 16:31:00 GMT 2012

New major release.
See http://mathomatic.orgserve.de/changes.txt

Cygwin build changes:
* added _CYGPORT_RESTRICT_debuginfo_
* added rlwrap dependency for rmath
* added missing libncursesw10 dependency
* adapted src.patch a bit
* matho m4 needs -i, m4 -e is deprecated
* added optional m4/degrees.m4. add this to your m4/functions.m4 for
trig functions
  that use degree units instead of radians
* new /usr/bin/matho, /usr/bin/rmath binaries
* new m4 run-time dependency
* new htmlcard

Mathomatic is a highly portable, general purpose symbolic math program
that can solve, simplify, combine, differentiate, integrate, and compare
algebraic equations. It can do standard, complex number, and polynomial
arithmetic. It is extremely easy to use and has pretty colored, easily
readable display of equations.

See http://www.mathomatic.org/

Reini Urban
http://cpanel.net/   http://www.perl-compiler.org/

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