Inconsistence on file operation when the name already exists with exe extension

marco atzeri
Sun Jul 8 20:27:00 GMT 2012

On 7/8/2012 10:19 PM, Aaron Schneider wrote:
> --On an empty dir--:
> touch file.exe
> touch file.img
> touch file doesn't create the corresponding file.
> --Then--
> touch helpp
> cp helpp file
> cp: can't create regular file «file»: File exists
> On rm file it removes the file.exe instead of saying file not found.
> Is this behavior intended? This is not unix like, the filename should be preserved as is

In a normal unix, programs do not need the exe suffix so on cygwin
  "file.exe" can be referred as  "file".

"file" is the unix way
"file.exe" is the windows way

$ cd /bin
$ ls -l bash
$ ls -l bash*

as such you can not have a second file or directory with the same name.


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